Expert Web3 Security Audits

We ensure that your Web3 app is functioning properly.


Request an audit with information about your team and project.


We set up the first meeting and give you a quote.


We verify the safety of your smart contract.


We send your team a detailed audit report.


Your team fixes the problems and uses the best methods.


We send you a certificate and updated audit report.

Hackers can get into blockchains and smart contracts.

Due to flaws and exploits, more than $8B has been lost.

Let Audtik find the flaws and exploits in your system.

Whats Popular about us

  • We have secured over 2 million USD worth of value.
  • Partnerships  with leading crypto-exchanges
  • Partnerships with the leading blockchain explorers. 
  • With over ten years of experience, we have a top team of smart contract auditors and security professionals.
  • Any blockchain client software or application written in any language is secure with us.

Audits by experts for decentralized apps.

We’ll make sure that your smart contract is running as expected. Our experts will not only find security flaws in your systems, but we will also work with you to fix such flaws together. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, we offer comprehensive security measures.

What we do

We secure software that uses web3 technology, such as blockchain clients, DeFi and NFT applications, user wallets, and others.
Among the blockchain systems we have audited are Ethereum 2.0, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain. We audit software written in any programming language, including new languages designed specifically for blockchain applications like Cadence from Flow.

We are looking for the most difficult projects. We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on.

What our clients say about us

"As we build blockchain experiences that thrive in the mainstream, alongside thousands of talented independent builders on TL, Audtik is bringing to the ecosystem high-quality security and code review their company has long been recognized for. Audtik will no doubt be an important part of TL continued scaling and success."

Ryan Townly CEO at Topanga Labs

    Our Simple Process:

    Keep your money secure. Keep your reputation safe. Add trustworthiness to your smart contract project.

    The length and complexity of the codebase affects our quotes and turnaround times.

    Enter your project’s website, code, and documentation data in the form to the right to get a price for a security audit.

    Initial reports are confidential, final certifications are hosted on the web, and formal letters are created to validate the results of a security audit are provided to compliance departments.

    Keep your money secure. Keep your reputation safe. Add trustworthiness to your smart contract project.

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